Ordnance Survey Products

As an Ordnance Survey Partner we are able to distribute, sell and licence Ordnance Survey data and products for your use. We mainly offer products for self-printing in various standard and custom formats.

Our pricing model surrounding OS commercial data is slightly different to our standard products in that royalty payments are due for every copy printed by the end-customer, regardless of the numbers of hard copies held. As such we do not impose a hard copy limit on OS commercial data derived products and instead grant you licences for a specific number of copies you are allowed to print after purchasing the product. You can top up the number of prints licenced whenever required.

Standard formats

Standard formats for us relate to A4 - A0 paper sizes. We offer this primarily for small to medium sized organisations who want to use the printed products commercially. A4 and A3 are our most popular sizes by far.

Prices for this start at around £11 per supply.


Custom formats

Custom formats cover all non-standard sizes (ISO-A) and most commonly refer to large formats. This includes bespoke large format prints of entire areas of interest as well as wallpaper prints.

Prices for this depend on a few factors and are based on our standard hourly base rate of £30 with Ordnance Survey royalties added. Prices for this start at around £45 plus royalties per supply.


OS Licensing

This product contains Ordnance Survey licenced data. Due to this our standard licence terms do not apply. For all OS licenced products we grant a definite number of print licences per product. The licence we grant is dependent on terms defined and limited by Ordnance Survey. Under no circumstances do we grant a licence for resale or publication of OS licenced products.