Bespoke Mapping

Our core geodata holding consists of a variety of sources including Ordnance Survey, Open Street Map, Environment Agency and NASA data. This wealth of data already held, along with a myriad of other available sources allows us to create a seemingly endless variety of mapping. While we specialise in GB mapping we can technically create maps of anywhere in the world.

Whether you want a slightly different area or size of one of our contour maps, a different look and feel for a specific event or a completely new mapping product for an expedition - we can help.

Altering our standard products

Custom Area

We are constantly expanding our pre-defined areas, advertised and sold via our shop. We are always open to suggestions for areas particularly suited to navigation training or areas that have a particular significance to the outdoor community.

Our core geospatial holding covers Great Britain and we are able to produce mapping using our standard mapping styles utilising 5m, 10m, 15m and 20m contour intervals for anywhere within GB on request. Turnaround times for this are typically 3-7 working days depending how busy our processing system is at the time.

Custom Style

Our standard styles have been carefully designed to be user friendly and easily legible, print well, display well on screen and share similarities with other mapping products frequently used by navigators in the UK.

Where our standard styles are not suitable, we can create a style to suit your exact needs. While our maps are largely geared towards walkers we can easily create a cycling map using nearly identical data but classifying roads by their gradients or size. Just let us know what you need and we will tell you what's possible.

While we have the ability to create ISOM and ISSOM standard orienteering mapping from our systems we are not orienteering mappers. As such we are able to mimic the style of an orienteering map as an introductiory tool or for navigation training. To find a recognised "official" orienteering mapper please contact British Orienteering.

We are currently developing more mapping styles which will mimic common styles found overseas and in future will make these selectable for custom area orders. These will allow you to train the use of overseas mapping styles in the comfort of areas you know already.

Custom Content

We are able to include a whole raft of additional detail in our mapping. If you have any specific requirements please get in touch so we can discuss this further.

Occasionally only commercially available data will do and in those instances we will discuss the particular licensing terms and cost implications with you as required. We find that at scales of 1:25,000 upwards, as mostly used in conventional navigation, commercial datasets do not offer significant value for money over the data holding we already have.

Custom Format

All of our mapping is produced in digital files of A4 and occasionally A3 format. Of course we can also provide sheets of virtually any size, so long as we know the dimensions you need. We charge per A4 equivalent sheet, so an A2 map would be considered 4 individual A4 maps. We can also produce mapping in digital formats other than PDF, so just get in touch if we're not quite meeting your needs at the moment.

If you require our standard sheets at a larger print (i.e. A4 "blown up" to A3 size) for use with SEN or visually impaired customers we can facilitate this. Since we produce the mapping directly from our core holding, we can reduce the blurring usually experienced when enlarging A4 sheets and produce a crisp and clear A3 print of the area or an enlarged part of the original A4 map - all at no extra cost to you if you can justify the requirement to us.


A standard A4 sheet starts at £30.00 with increments for adjacent A4 sheet areas from £3.00. You can also specify slight style adjustments, different formats and differing content at the same time. We'll listen to your requirements and will get back to you with a detailed quote, your options and our suggestions.

If following our standard mapping styles with little or no adjustments the following table applies. Sheet limits indicate how many sheets of a size will be counted as one order before an initial fee is charged again. For example 16 A4 sheets in roughly the same geographical area are counted as one order at £75.00 (1x £30.00 + 15x £3.00), but 17 sheets would constitute 2 orders at £105.00 (2x £30.00 + 15x £3.00). Different sizes create different orders as we need to adjust our production system accordingly for each size.

Initial A4 £30.00
Additional A4 £3.00
A4 sheet limit 16
Initial A3 £33.00
Additional A3 £6.00
A3 sheet limit 8
Initial A2 £39.00
Additional A2 £12.00
A2 sheet limit 4
Initial A1 £51.00
Additional A1 £24.00
A1 sheet limit 2
A0 £75.00

Additional requirements are quoted and charged per hour. Our hourly rate for mapping work is £30. The hourly rate accounts for the work only and the sheet pricing as stated remains for any outputs produced. We never charge for initial conversations and validating your mapping ideas.

Ordnance Survey Mapping

As an Ordnance Survey licensed partner we are able to resell Ordnance Survey data in a variety of forms to our customers. As Ordnance Survey imposes licensing terms on us that we are required to pass on to you as our customer, you will be provided with a specific licence tailored to your order.

Large Format prints

If you are after a large print of 1:25,000 or 1:50,000 mapping for a wall, floor, table, campervan etc we can handle the end-to-end process including the printing. While we don't print ourselves we can work directly with a number of specialist large format printers to provide the exact output you want. Quotes for this come in two parts, one for our work in producing the print files of which you retain a copy and a separate quote for the printing and handling of the printing coordination.

Of course we can just produce the print file for you to print at your printer of choice.

Print files for self-printing

Much like the products available in our shop these files are delivered to you as a digital download, ready to print. Please note that royalties are payable for each copy printed and specific licensing terms are imposed by Ordnance Survey on the use and re-use of these prints.

Derived mapping from OS commercial data

If you would like us to create high detail maps of areas we will not be able to steer clear of commercial data. Some features are only available in these datasets, while others will be required for larger scales such as 1:10,000 or 1:5,000.

Raw data supply

We can act as a reseller of OS Data and supply you with the raw data for onwards use (including 1:25k and 1:50k raster data). This may be particularly interesting if you operate in a relatively small, defined area (e.g. an outdoor center running activities in the local area), as there are specific licensing options available from Ordnance Survey, allowing you to make use of the data once purchased. Through our access as a Partner we are able to confirm your specific requirements with Ordnance Survey in respect of the licence you would require to use any data we provide. Data purchased from us will typically be cheaper than buying data directly from Ordnance Survey.


Please contact us directly for pricing information around OS' commercial data products and derived mapping products. OS pricing and licensing is very complex and we will work with you and Ordnance Survey to find the best option for your particular case.

Custom Surveys

Sometimes we simply cannot get the data or the level of detail we need to produce the right map for you. This is especially true if you are asking us to create a detailed orienteering style map, event maps, maps of cycling or walking routes or material that is intended for casual users as opposed to navigators. Depending on what is required we will use a whole range of techniques and equipment to get the information we need, from crude walking surveys with the occasional GPS waypoint thrown in to decimeter accuracy GNSS surveys and the use of traditional surveying tools. In any case we will require written permission by the landowner before we can conduct our work in the field.


Bespoke Mapping