Including all volunteer UK Search and Rescue organisations.

COVID-19 update

We are acutely aware of the additional pressures put on SAR teams in these unprecedented times. Therefore, we have decided to offer teams free mapping for "official" use (e.g. training) for the time being. While we know this does little to ease the direct impact of COVID-19, it will hopefully provide a useful resource for training and skill development now and in the future.

  • Up to 5 different areas of our standard style contour only and reduced feature mapping per team. (More areas can be provided but will be assessed on a case by case basis)
  • Delivery of maps as high quality pdf files for self-printing or use on devices.
  • No print limits.
  • Use and distribution limited to team members including trainees and prospective team members for "official" use (e.g. training) only.

Mapping Products

Team members benefit from a 20% discount on all mapping (premade and custom) orders at checkout. To claim this discount please ensure your membership of a team can be easily verified. This could be through registering/contacting us using an official team email account or asking your team secretary or another official representative to established a link with us, allowing us to verify member names against the records. Unfortunately at this time we are unable to validate team membership automatically, so please bear with us when claiming the discount.

Training use

Teams are granted a full licence to use our products for navigational and operational training and for the hard copy limit required to carry out these activities. We ask that where possible teams notify us of the number of copies they produce and when and where the products are being used. This is purely for our internal statistics and we will not restrict their use for this purpose.


Mapping products

Members of the four professional mountain associations in the UK are entitled to a 20% discount on all mapping (premade and custom) orders at checkout. To claim this discount simply enter your MTUK number when registering for your account and we will add you to the relevant discount group in a couple of days once we have verified your association membership. If you don't hear from us or need to add this after registering just drop us an email.

Mapping licences

Further, we are offering favourable licensing terms for members of the relevant associations for the duration of their membership under the following conditions:

  • Member is sole company director or sole trader
  • Company turnover is less than or equal to £50,000 per year with the majority of turnover attributed to work related to the associations' qualifications and remits
  • Member has applied for the MTUK special conditions licence with us and has been approved
If these conditions are met we will:
  • Waive all organisational and commercial use license fees, except for third party royalties where applicable, for the period of the licence
  • Grant a commercial use licence for all training and educational use
  • Increase the standard held hard copy limit to the number required for the number of course participants plus instructor, provided the copies are being used for instructional or guiding purposes. A maximum of two instructors and relevant number of clients are permitted under this at any given time. A maximum safe ratio of 1:12 is assumed for our calculations, resulting in an absolute maximum of 26 concurrent prints per product
  • Grant a limited distribution license allowing candidates on courses where the mapping has been actively used to retain the used maps after the course concludes

Once we become aware of your membership no longer being active we will revoke this licence and charge you the licence fees accordingly. For the purpose of Organisational and Commercial Use Licences you will be considered a new customer in this case. Existing licence holders are not able to claim back licence fees paid before taking advantage of this offer.

We reserve the right to cancel the offer and licence without reason at any point, though cancellation on these grounds will not incur additional charges and the licence will simply fade out at its annual renewal.