Free to order and free to use - forever.

As an added bonus any of our free products in this category come with an unlimited hard copy license, allowing you to make and hold as many copies as you can carry/drive around. All we ask is that you are being sensible to our dear mother nature and don't print just for the sake of printing.

Want to use these copies in an organisation or commercially (without distributing or selling them)? Fine - we'll even allow that for free, so long as you have obtained them through our shop and we have your details on record.

Freebie Licence

  • Applies to all "Freebie" products only
  • Use for your leisure with friends and family
  • Use in your organisation
  • Use by your staff, contractors, clients and visitors
  • Make and hold unlimited hard copies
  • Use commercially
  • Lend out - e.g. to explore a site
  • Sell
  • Distribute
  • Publish
  • Share digital files


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