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Thank you for popping by in your search for mapping products with a difference. Launching initially with our  Contour Mapping and  Bespoke Mapping Services we have big plans for the future. From introducing different mapping styles, mimicking some of the styles found around the world to allowing self-service custom mapping products. We're also currently working on some novel mapping ideas and designs for outdoor enthusiasts and the professional outdoor market - but we're quite "hush hush" about that one for now.

In the meantime please take a look at our ever expanding portfolio and also check out our licence options for more than just casual use. Don't despair about the licences if you just want to go out and use our maps though - personal, non-commercial use is always allowed at no extra cost.

Finally, if you have any ideas for areas, map styles, map products or other cool things related to maps and geo data please drop us a line as we truly love talking maps and geo!

Featured Products
  • [The contour only maps] made a substantial difference to the candidate’s skill development. [...] quickly the shape of the land, the subtle turns of contours, the start of re-entrants, all features that don’t change, became clearer to see and started to be referenced more.

    Kelvyn J.


  • A fantastic resource when instructing clients in the finer art of navigation. Other products are prohibitively expensive unless you restrict yourself to a relatively small area.

    Mike S.


  • All the clutter [is] gone and the contours [are] easier to make out and understand. You could even say ‘the penny dropped’.

    Alison T.


  • Super quick turnaround for a custom cut, laminated, large area print of the Cairngorms at 1:25,000. Really impressed with the quality and your attention to detail when discussing the order with me. I hadn't realised the difference in price between large area printing and extra-large area printing. Made total sense to split this into two slightly overlapping prints and thanks for explaining that so well.
    (CM note: The final print area spanned 3.2m x 4.2m printed in two strips of 1.6m x 4.2m.)

    Stephan M.

    Hotel Owner

  • We needed a large number of bespoke maps for an event. These guys were able to produce the exact style we wanted and handled the whole process from design to delivery. We'll definitely be using you again in future.

    Lilian F.

    Event Organiser

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